Graduate Stories: “I knew the transition would be hard but not this hard”

Age: 22
Have you graduated yet?: Yes
What city do you live in?: London
Where do you live?: At home
What’s your current working situation?: Looking for work

What do you think you’ve struggled with the most after leaving education?

Since leaving university, I have struggled most with the change in environment/ lifestyle. For instance, being able to do trivial tasks like washing clothes, going out at any time during the day or simply having a relaxing day. Before university I was not independent but at university I became independent and more self confident. However, now that I am back home, I have reverted back to my old habits and I feel as if this has effected my mentality and motivation to do the things I want to do.

What do you wish you’d known or had done before leaving university?

I wish I had taken part in more extra curricular activities, to further explore my interests. Even if it was to simply have fun. I also wish that I had made more time to explore various career options.

Do you think there’s enough resources out there for young people making the transition from education to adult life?

No, most definitely not. I knew the transition would be hard but not this hard.

Thank you to Orianne for sharing her experiences of graduate life!

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  1. Ray

    There is definitely a huge difference between student life and adult life. I have felt that too, being in university felt more organized and things were sort of under control, after graduation you’re thrown into the unknown and the endless possibilities and routes to take. It can be unsettling, especially if you don’t already know what you want to do with your life, and I think most of us rarely do at this age.

    1. Maddie

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this! I really agree, it’s such a different dynamic and no one or thing can prepare you for that!

  2. Daisy

    I never went to university, but I can see how it could be this difficult to transition! Wish every Uni student leaving Uni the best of luck x

    1. Maddie

      Thanks for your lovely comment xx

  3. Ellie K

    i have a few more years of uni left, so this has inspired me to keep taking part in as many extra curriculars as possible!
    ellie x //

    1. Maddie

      Ahh that’s great to hear that this has been useful to you! 🙂

  4. PhilippaClaire

    I can definitely relate to this. Although I didn’t move back in with family after Uni I felt so unprepared for the real world and really struggled to find a job.

    This is a great series! Such an awesome idea!

    1. Maddie

      Thanks so much! It is awful how unprepared graduates do feel after university!

  5. Amber Page

    I’ve got my final year left at university and then I hope to get a graduate job and move back in with my parents. I am deffo more independent at uni so when moving back home I’ll have to try and keep up with that independence.

    1. Maddie

      Best of luck with your final year! I’m sure you’ll be able to keep it up ☺️

  6. Giulia

    This was an interesting read. I’ve personally never succeeded at the transition and dropped out. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Maddie

      Oh no I’m sorry to hear that!

  7. singlemomchapters

    Yes, university life is sure very hard. But even then we have to stay strong. Thank you for writing such a great post ❤️

  8. gemmaajaynee

    I struggled with the transition after leaving university as well! It is so hard going from that independence to it being gone again with moving back home xxx

    1. Maddie

      Sorry to hear that you struggled too! Definitely is xxx

  9. I left university last year and it’s really comforting reading these posts and knowing other people struggle with adapting too☺️

    1. Maddie

      I’m glad you can find comfort in these! So many people struggle and it’s so normal. I really struggle myself!

  10. Becky

    I’m finding my own transition from uni to life hard too! I graduated last summer, but have been struggling to feel like an “adult” x

    1. Maddie

      Sorry to hear that – I hope my blog can help you to feel less alone in that struggle!

  11. glowsteady

    I definitely struggled with the change of environment the most when I graduated too! It was weird not having a large number of my friends so close anymore x


    1. Maddie


  12. Bexa

    Transitioning from uni life to adult life can be really hard, as everything is so different! These stories are really useful, especially for people currently at uni to give them inspiration of other things to try before leaving. Extra curricular activities is always a good option. Thanks for sharing, great post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Maddie

      Thank you for your lovely comment ☺️ xx

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