Graduate Stories: “I think resources should include wellbeing guides for after university”

Age: 21
Have you graduated yet?: Yes
What city do you live in?: Sheffield
Where do you live?: With my partner
What’s your current working situation?: Full-time job

What do you think you’ve struggled with the most after leaving education?

Attempting to have a social life alongside a full time job and old uni friends who are across the country

What do you wish you’d known or had done before leaving university?

That it’s rare to find a graduate job

Do you think there’s enough resources out there for young people making the transition from education to adult life? (If so, what? If not, what do you want to see more of?)

No. I think resources should include wellbeing guides for after university and reinforce that there is no rush to reach your goal or next big chapter in life. University focuses on getting you ready for jobs aligned with your course, preparing for your interviews for that type of job, when realistically you do not have the experience for those type of jobs.

Thank you to whoever shared this story of graduate life!

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