Graduate Stories: “It can be a very difficult time and I found it mentally and emotionally exhausting”

Age: 28
Have you graduated yet?: Yes
What city do you live in?: Peterborough
Where do you live?: With my husband
What’s your current working situation?: Full-time job

What do you think you’ve struggled with the most after leaving education?

Knowing where to go after university, what career path I could take. I didn’t really know what was out there!

What do you wish you’d known or had done before leaving university?

Having a careers event or module to know more about what I could do after university. I just found myself applying for any job I could get a decent salary. I wish I had known how to make my money go further on a budget and still save a little bit here and there.

Do you think there’s enough resources out there for young people making the transition from education to adult life? (If so, what? If not, what do you want to see more of?)

No, there was nothing really to help that was useful. How to save money on a budget. Useful tips on procrastination and why we do it (I did a lot of that after trying to decide what to do). I think support on mental health during university and the transition into adult life is severely lacking and something I found disappointing. It can be a very difficult time and I found it mentally and emotionally exhausting. One day it was over and the next day was my first day in adult life. Being a “mature” student I felt like I was expected to have it already sorted out.

Thank you to Nicole for sharing her story of graduate life!

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  1. On The Fly Blog

    This is a really interesting series of posts! It’s frustrating and a shame that the overwhelming agreement is that more needs to be done to help people transition into life after uni

    1. Maddie

      Thank you! I know, you would really expect more!

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