Four apps for budgeting as an adult

Keeping track of your money can be really tricky at a young age. However there are some key ways to improve your budgeting as an adult, such as making the most of banking and finance apps.

We go from having not much money at all when we’re at school, to being given lump sums at uni and having to manage various payments, to then getting paid a salary when we start full time work. It’s no wonder we’re a bit clueless with finances.

No matter how or when you get paid, it’s important that you understand your money and how to save. This could be taught through self-discipline or by using budgeting methods and apps.

There are a range of apps and banks out there to help you with your money, so play around with a few to see what suits you best when budgeting. But for now, here are some free ones to try!


Monzo is a bank that has grown in popularity over the last year or so, incorporating various options of how you can view, save or store away your money.

It gives you the option of creating pots so you can set money aside from your main account. You can lock these pots away so you can’t access the money until a certain time, or you can move the money about freely.

Money spent through monzo comes out of your account within seconds so there’s no confusion over your balance. Unfortunately, when it says £3.50 it means it.

Monzo can automatically transfer weekly and monthly allowances from a pot to let you chunk off your budgets even further. Or you could also use pots to pay your standing orders, which could come in handy when renting a property which you can find out more about here.


Fudget is a little bit more manual than others but can help you to budget well nonetheless.

Input your weekly or monthly budget by selecting your income and then as you input your spending it will tell you how much you’ve got left.

A bit more old school than those connected to a bank but it lets you be more creative with how you show your spending.

Phone screen showing apps
There are a range of apps out there


Pingit is a Barclays app that helps you manage your money, in a similar way to Monzo. You can ring-fence your money from your main bank account in up to five different ‘jars’. These Pingit jars can then be used as savings pots for your different expenses and goals. This feature is important as you will need to keep certain amounts of money separate to pay expenses. This is just another thing to learn when budgeting as an adult.

You can also track spending from jars and assign them to Pingit payment devices, to make spending easier. You also don’t need to bank with Barclays to benefit from the app as Pingit can be linked with any UK current account.


Emma also offers some great free features for budgeting. The app can sync with your bank account which allows you to see your average monthly spend better. This also automatically programmes your scheduled income and outgoings.

You can use this to see how much money you spend at certain places over periods too, which is really helpful to see how you can cut down your overall spending.

These budgeting apps will help you to keep better tabs on your spending, and also look back on certain periods to see how much you’ve spent at one place or on one thing.

It can often help to split your money off, something that Monzo and Pingit offer, ensuring you don’t spend your money that is required to make payments later that month.

What apps have you found to be best when budgeting as an adult? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Emma

    I had no idea there were so many apps to help keep track. We are big fans of Monzo but I’m itnerested in teh other features some of these apps provide!

    1. maddieastle

      There are lots of them out there which is great! I’m really enjoying using Emma at the minute. Thanks for the comment!

  2. petitehappenings

    I love the concept of being able to use an app for budgeting. Being able to set your money in separate pots or jars can really help with not overspending. Great post! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. maddieastle

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you can find an app to suit you 😊

  3. thedoubtingthomas

    Thanks for these – used to use Moneybox which used to round up some of your spend on contactless into a little kitty. Not sure if it’s still going but another good one. Most banking apps now come with a “spending” feature so hope this helps people too! Very informative.

    1. maddieastle

      Ah yes Moneybox is good too, especially for savings now I think!

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