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What is Mind The Gap about?

Mind The Gap is a blog that aims to help young adults bridge the gap between education into adult life. The content includes topics of careers, finance and self-care.

It isn’t an easy change from the routines and safety net of education into the big scary world of work and ‘adulting’. This is paired with a lack of help and support that can be helped through creative expression and building a community.

It’s been found that 49% of graduates struggle with mental health problems in the year after leaving university. So this site has been created to help this percentage, and others struggling, to not feel alone.

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Who is behind the blog?

I’m Maddie, a 21-year old graduate living in London. I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2019 with a First in BSc Criminology.

I had a weird start to my graduate career, finding a job in PR within two weeks of moving to London, but only staying there a month as it wasn’t for me (p.s. you are worth so much more than a toxic workplace). I had a few odd interviews before this and felt really uneasy about what I wanted from a job, what kind of company I wanted to work for and, mostly, what my worth was.

Luckily, after deciding I couldn’t stay at this job any longer, my dad had a role open at his PR agency, but the only downside was that this was in Peterborough and I’d just moved into a flat in London.

I set up this blog as I had no idea what I was doing, and still don’t, in adult life. Growing up we were told about work and that we would have time for ourselves, but no one gave you the answers to all the other bits, like how do I know what career I want, or how do I make sure I get that perfect work-life balance? So that’s what I’m trying to do, help out those people that are feeling pretty unsure about things now they’re an ‘adult’.

I’m not an expert or professional, just someone that has been through the change from uni to adult life and has found it really difficult. The advice shared on this blog is what I have found to work for me and what I have discovered from conversations with professionals and those ‘adultier’ adults.

To read more about my blog and why I set it up, check out my interview with Shannon Grace here.

Mind The Gap content is currently written by just me, but if you would like to see your ideas and experience featured then please get in touch. Everyone has different experiences of this changing time and it’s important that everyone’s voice is heard.

If you feel that something is missing that you’d like some help with, please send me a message.

The opinions and ideas expressed in this blog are my own and should not be taken as professional advice.

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