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Mind The Gap Graduates is an online platform to help students, graduates and young professionals find their way in the real world.

On this site you can find advice about careers, self-care and finances, as well as stories and the experiences of other graduates. Whatever you're feeling as a twenty-something in today's world, you're not alone and this platform is here to help you through that.


about me

I'm Maddie, a 22 year old Criminology graduate. After leaving university last year, I felt this huge sense of confusion, fear and worry now that I'd left the comforting structure and routine of education.

A year after graduating, I'm still finding my way through life, navigating work, money, friendships, impostor syndrome and more.

So, let this blog help you to feel less alone and we can find our way through adult life together.

stories from other graduates

A study found that 49% of graduates felt low after finishing university, so you really aren't alone if you're feeling down.

Read stories from other graduates here


Job Application Tracker

Grab yourself a free job application tracker here and start monitoring your progress and what you need to improve on.

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Blogging Guide

Starting a side hustle is a great way to boost your CV, so I created Nine To Thriving: a guide to running a blog or small business.

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“Your 20s are your 'selfish' years. It's a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with stuff, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground.” - Kyoko Escamilla.

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